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Monday's Not Coming [ Spoiler Free ] Review

Monday's Not ComingTitle: Monday's Not Coming
Author: Tiffany D. Jackson
My rating: 4.5/5 stars
Date Read: 11/30/18

TW Child abuse

This book such a surprise. The good surprise. A book I was not expecting to love as much as I do. I first heard about this book around the time it was released and that was about it till a few months ago. I was lucky to hear Tiffany D. Jackson, the author, talk about her book on a panel and it sounded so good. I finally picked it up and I really enjoyed it.

Monday's Not Coming is about a girl name Claudia whose best friend Monday is missing. She seems to be the only one who noticed. Claudia is determined to figure out what happened to Monday.

This book takes place during several timelines. It is hard to explain. We see Claudia with Monday when they were younger. We see Claudia when she noticed Monday just went missing. Basically with each timeline we get, we are piecing together the mystery of what happened to her friend. I am warning you now, if you do not like books with many different timelines and flashbacks, this book will probably not be for you.

I think this book was so interesting was because I wanted to know what happened even though I kind of already knew what happened due to finding the hints scattered in the book pretty early on. There are other reasons why I wanted to continue reading and was so invested in the story but most of them are spoilers.

The ending of the book was a bit of a let down but I still enjoyed the story and piecing everything together. If you read the book you may know what I am talking about but I do not want to say the end since I do not want to spoiler the book.

We do have a diverse cast of characters as well so if you are looking for a book featuring black characters, including a black main character, definitely pick this one up.

Overall I do recommend it and I am so glad I finally read it and I look forward to read Jackson's other books in the future.

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