Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Darkest Magic Review

The Darkest Magic (Spirits and Thieves, #2)Title: The Darkest Magic
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Series: A Book of Spirits and Thieves book #2
My rating: 4/ 5 stars
Date Read: 6/13/17

The Darkest Magic is the second book in the the Spirits and Thieves series. (I think it is a series I am not sure) You do not have to read Morgan Rhodes other series Falling Kingdoms before reading this series. I do recommend the other series and I do like it better than this one.

The beginning in my opinion was a very slow start. I didn't really cared what happened and I wasn't really invested in the story. As the book went one, I did enjoy it more. It feel like I didn't remember everything important that happened in the first book. Some things caught me by surprise. I eventually did remember what happens.

I really love the world of Mytica. I enjoyed being back in the world. I thought the world development is very good and the magic system is very easy to understand.

This book continues where the first book left off. It is told in third person and we follow the POV of four different characters Crystal, Becca, Farrell, and Maddox. My favourite POV has to be Farrell. I do enjoy reading from Crystal's point of view. I didn't really care much about Becca or Maddox's point of view. Towards the end of the book I did enjoy Maddox's point of view a bit more.

The ending, I need the next book now! I feel like I say that to every sequel I read.

Overall all I do recommend this series. I do not recommend reading this in a reading slump because it does take a lot of focus when reading. I do also recommend reading books in between each book to help prevent you from getting in a reading slump.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

That Summer Review

That SummerTitle: That Summer
Author: Sarah Dessen
My rating: 2.5/5 stars
Date Read: 6/4/17

This is definitely my least favourite Sarah Dessen book. I this book is or is one of her first books she has written so obviously she improved as a writer. This book is almost 200 pages long so if you are looking for a quick contemporary book I do recommend this.

This book is told in first person and we follow the main character Haven. Haven's father and mother are divorced and her father is remarrying. He works as a news sports person (you know what I am talking about) and is getting married to Lorna Queen who is the weather person or as they call her "Weather Pet" Her sister Ashley is getting married as well to a guy named Lewis Warsher and Haven finds him very boring.

This book is centered around weddings and you can tell by the summery I wrote above. If you haven't heard Sarah Dessen is coming out with a new book called Once and For All which also centers around weddings.

I found this book short. Like really short. Again only 200 pages.

Haven is the main character of this book and she feels very insecure about her height. She is 5'11" and is taller than most people in her town. If you are looking for a book with a very tall main character I do recommend this book.

There is a lot of family drama in this book. Well at least it seemed like a lot to me. They argued quite a lot but as a family I can still tell from reading that they loved and they all cared for each other.

Overall I thought this book was just Okay.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Reader Book Tag

Hello, today I will be doing the summer reader book tag. This tag was created by  islandOFdri Since summer is here or coming, depends on when I post it, I feel like it is time to start doing some summery posts. Let's begin
Lemonade: pick a book that started off bitter but got better.
For this one I will have to go with Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. I wasn't a huge fan of the first half and honestly wanted to DNF it. As the story continued though it got so much better. If you didn't catch on yet, this is a Jack the Ripper retelling.

Golden Sun: pick a book that made you smile beyond compare.
A book that made me smile will have to be Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson. It is such a fun and cute contemporary novel. I found myself smiling when reading it. It is a perfect summer read so I do highly recommend it.

Tropical Flowers: pick a book set in a foreign country.
For this question I am going with Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare or all the Infernal Devices books because they all take place in London which works for this question because I live in the U.S. I absolutely love this trilogy more than TMI and it maybe more the TDA. I really like TDA as well so it is hard to choose! Anyway I do recommend this trilogy and it makes me want to travel to London.

Tree Shade: pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced. 
For this one I am going with Sebastian Verlac for City of Glass Cassandra. I felt like he was hiding something I just could not tell what.

Beach Sand: pick a book that was grainy, and the plot barely developed.
I have to choose Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. I did enjoy the book, it just took me a long time to figure out what the plot was and still after finishing the book I am not sure what the plot is. I can guess but I am not sure if it is right. The characters were really good though so I did end up giving it three stars even though it lacked plot a lot.

Green Grass: pick a character(s) that were full of life, making you smile.
Without a doubt I am choosing Harry Potter and his squad for this question. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series and currently am watching the Chamber of Secrets while typing this. I smile every time I reread the books and see my favourite characters. They are just so happy and full of life.

Watermelon: pick a book that had some juicy secrets.
I am going with Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Yes I am choosing another Cassie Clare book and am currently reading Lord of Shadows at the moment which is probably having a big influence on what I am choosing. All the characters have so many secrets it's insane and I won't say what the secrets are but they have secrets.

Sun Hat: pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting.
The world of Mytica from the Falling Kingdoms series is huge. This is written my Morgan Rhodes. In the first book the universe seems small but as the books go on we start to explore more of the world and it is huge and I can't wait to see more of it in the future books.

BBQ: pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk.
LOL honestly I am not a huge fan of those characters. I guess Rowan from TOG series by Sarah J. Maas. I hate him but I guess he work for this question. I just don't like him but I know a lot of people do.

Summer Fun: pass the tag on.
This tag is old so I tag you if you want to do it!

So that was the Summer Reader Book Tag! What books do you plan on reading this summer ? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading and I will hopefully see you in my next post!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Frostbite Review

Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2)Title: Frostbite 
Author:Richelle Mead
My rating: 3/5 stars
Date Read: 6/2/17

I picked this book up because the first book was one of the books that helped me get out of my reading slump. I just finished Lord of Shadows and can already feel another one coming. I did enjoy this book but not as much as the first one. I series is one of my new guilty pleasures.

Frostbite is the second book in the Vampire Academy series. It continues where the first book left off. This book is still told in first person and Rose is still our narrator.

I highly recommend this book if you are in a reading slump. The writing is very easy to follow and read and not annoying at the same time. The story is so addicting as well. I find myself hating the characters sometimes and also sometimes hating the direction the book is taking but it is still so addictive and makes me want to know what happens next. I will say these books are really short so it can easily be finished in a short period of time.

I did not see that much character development in this book however I did see some. Rose is still a strong main character and we do see her learn some new lessons that are really important.

Christian is still my favourtie character. There is just something about him that I really like and I cannot put my finger on it.

Mia is another character I learned to like a little in this book. I still am not her biggest fan but I no longer hate her. I won't be saying why due to spoilers.

I felt like we hardly saw Lissa in this book. We see her occasionally but she honestly felt more like a secondary character than a main character.

We meet Adrian at last. Honestly at the moment I hate him. I found him creepy and I think I like Mia more?! There is something about him that makes me not trust him as well. I feel like he will play a major role in the future books.

The world building is stronger than the character development in my opinion. This is a world that is very easy to understand. Everything is clearly explained and I really that.

Overall it was a solid read and I do recommend this series.

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Court of Mist and Fury Review

A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)Title: A Court of Mist and Fury
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Date Read: 5/22/17

4.5/5 Stars

I loved this so much better than the first book! I am desperate for the next book but I will be reading it later because
a) I don't want the series (Feyre's story) to end.
b) Lord of Shadows comes out tomorrow and I don't want to rush through ACOWAR

Team Feysand!

Okay here is the full review that you've all been waiting for. (Probably not because you're reading Lord of Shadows too!)

I enjoyed this book so much better than the first one.

I have joined the side of people who hate Tamlin. He is a jerk. What he did was wrong and I am glad Feyre is noticing it and standing up for herself. I don't think I ever changed ships before. Like ever.

Rhysand. Rhys is a character I wasn't the biggest fan of in ACOTAR. I honestly did not care much about him. Now I love him. His character is a lot more developed and we learned more about his past which is probably one of my favourite things about the book.

Feyre is becoming stronger and more independent. Her character is developing in a good way. I really enjoy her as a character more than the first book.

In ACOMAF we finally meet the inner Circle. I really like Cassian. Honestly maybe a little more than Rhysand! But both are amazing. Cassian is such nice person and I really like him as a character and can't wait to see what happens to him in the next book. Azriel is another member of the inner circle which I don't have much to say about. Same as Amren though I did like both of them as characters and do want to know what happens to them in the next book. Mor though. Mor is such a nice person and if she dies in the next book, I will probably throw it across the room.

I love the world of Prythian. Maas does such a great job of world building and I absolutly loved the world of the fae. I did get spoiled on some things in this book like cauldron, people, if you read it hopefully you know what scene I am talking about.

I will say this book has a lot of heavy, and when I say heavy I mean heavy romance. I honestly am not the biggest fan of heavy romance scenes and ended up skimming them.

Overall I do recommend this book but just note that it is not for everyone. If you don't like heavy romance (sex scenes) I warn you there are two or three in this book (I don't know the actual number).

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lord of Shadows Review

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices, #2)Title: Lord of Shadows
Author: Cassandra Clare
Rating: 5/5 stars
Date Read: 5/28/17

I love this book and it is my favourite read of the year. Sorry ACOMAF I love this book more. If you don't know this is the second book in Cassandra Clare's The Dark Artifices series. The order of which to read Cassandra Clare's books before anyone asks yes you do need to read Cassandra Clare's other books before reading this series in order to avoid spoilers. Also this may be my second or third favourite book in the Shadow world.

The rest of the review is going to be spoilery so read at your own risk.


This review is going to be all over the place because I have so much to say. It will probably not be in order.

One of my thoughts after finishing the book and getting over the ending was where is Simon and Izzy. We did not see them at all throughout the book and I was very disappointed since Izzy is my favourite TMI character. We did see Magnus and Alec though and their kids. I swear every time Max and Rafe were mentioned I was smiling. I am so glad that we got to see their children.

In the beginning we follow Kit and he is talking to Jace and Jace finds out he is stealing weapons from the institute. And there was the talk between Emma and Clary and we finally figure out my Clary said no to Jace when he asked her to marry him. I see why and I understand.

I am surprised though that we did not see both Jace and Clary for the rest off the book. I expected to see them at the big meeting at the end.

A question you may have is who do I ship Mark with. Answer I don't know at the moment. I sometimes will ship him with Christina and then I will switch to Keiren. It keeps changing. I am not on a solid ship yet but I will hopefully join a side in the next book.

Also I should mention that I am so glad that we get Dru's point of view. I don't ever remember reading from Dru's prospective in Lady Midnight and I feel like Dru had so much character development in this book and I appreciate her so much more as a character. I really hope though that we do see Tavvy's POV in the future because I am curious to see what he is thinking.

Back to Dru. I love that she played a bigger part in this story and I really liked how she was the one who kept Jamie a secret from the others. When she touched the thing in Jamie's bag (yes I was suppose to take notes but failed because I didn't want to stop reading) she saw a faerie with GREEN eyes and WHITE BLONDE hair. So if you don't know Christine over at Polandbananasbooks has a theory that Sebastian and the Seelie Queen had a baby. Is that the baby. I know the faerie is about thirteen and the events happened 5 years ago but still. Time is different in faerie and I wonder if that is the baby!

Of course we know that Malcolm isn't dead and I wasn't surprised by it. I had a feeling when the centurions and the Blackthorns plus Diana and Emma were fighting the sea demons that Malcolm was going to come mainly because his body was in the ocean. What surprised me was the Arthur sacrificed himself to save the children. He should be remembered. Also another thing that surprised me what that Annabel was the one to kill Malcolm. I thought she was going to be happy to see him but clearly she wasn't

Lets talk about the Centurions. I hate Zara. She reminds me of Gildroy Lockhart because she takes credit for what others had done. At the end when she is caught lying I have a feeling she is going to want revenge.

No lets talk about Diego. Diego is, was, I don't know at this point, engaged to Zara. What the frick was what my first reaction was. Why? He was cheating on Christina and he already broke her heart once and she gave you another chance and you blow it!? I do have to say though the explaination was logical.

Okay time to talk about that trip in faerie. We meet the Unseelie King for the first time and when Mark, Christina, Julian and Emma are rescuing Keiren and when Emma fights a faerie and the king orders her to take of the helmet it was her father?! I was like what the hell is happening. It wasn't her father though. I was also shocked to see that seraph blades and runes did not work in the Unseelie lands. I knew from the moment they mentioned that something was up with the Unseelie king.

We also meet Mark and Helen's faerie aunt, Nene. I really hope we get to see some more of the faerie family.

In the faerie lands Julian meets the Seelie Queen and she makes a deal with him to give her the black book and they will side with the shadowhunters end the cold peace and destroy the Unseelie King. Of course she mentions that she found a way to break Emma and Julian's parabatai bond and that is to destory all parabatai relationships. No. Why? They had hope and now they have no hope again.

Let's talk about Ty, Livvy and Kit before the ending. Kit and Ty are literally best friends and I am pretty sure are either going to date or become parabatai. I love how Ty was the one to give Kit his first rune I feel like Kit trusts Ty from the very beginning which is something big since he tried to run away and steal things in the very first chapter. When Livvy and Kit kiss I was like WHAT and WHY? I did not see that coming but Livvy did say they should just be friends when they were about to kiss again. And they did not kiss again. But still. I loved the side adventures they had with the shadowmarket and when Magnus rescues them from the Market. I was like MAGNUS IS BACK Livvy is going to be fine. (not really you know what happens at the end)

I haven't talked about Julian and Emma at all throughout this review so let's talk about them. When they were in Malcolm's house and they expressed their feelings for each other I was so happy. They finally are sharing their honest thoughts! Also the moment when Julian sees Annabel for the first time. Holy. I was surprised she showed her face. She talks to him and refuses to give him the black book.

I need to talk about Cortana before I reach the character limit. Cortana stabbed one of the Unseelies imortal 7 riders. I forgot what they are called and cannot find the name in the book. Cortana is the blade that killed a immortal rider and no rider was ever killed before. I was like wow. And at the end when Emma uses Cortana to break the Mortal Sword. What!? I was so surprised I read that section twice just to make sure I was reading it right. I am pretty sure Cortana is going to be very important in the next book.

Now I need to talk about the ending before my fingers fall of from typing this extremely long review. When the Blackthorns see Helen again I almost cried. It was like the happy family reunion I was waiting for. Of course it is ruined when Annabel takes the the mortal sword and stabs LIVVY?! It took me so long to process it. I was shocked even though I saw it about 5 seconds before it happened I was still shocked. Livvy risked herself throwing Julian her blade and she had to die. Why? I need to know what happens next and I know that Julian is going to be over protective of the younger Blackthorn's now.

Annabel also kills Robert Lightwood. He was going to take the sword from her and she kills him?! I swear she is working for the Unseelie King since we saw the half crown before Annabel vanishes. I think Annabel is working for the Unseelie King.Robert was also the person Magnus recommend that Emma and Julian tell their problems to. And he was going to help them. Why did he have to die. He was the one person who had the power to help them.

I love the diversity in this book and it adds a lot to the story. Diana is transgender and I love how it shows that it is okay to be you. I personally wasn't the biggest fan of Diana in the first book and she seemed a little shady and I knew she was hiding something. I did not expect this. I really loved her story and I appreciate her so much more as a character.

I have so much more to say and this is the longest review I have ever written.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Most Anticipated Summer Releases 2017

Hello readers! Today I will be sharing with you my most anticipated releases this summer. I hope you are also excited to read some of these books. I am currently writing this with four days left till the release of Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. I can tell you now I feel a long review coming you way. Two actually because I am currently reading ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas when I am writing this. Let's just get into the releases.

Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity, #2)The first book on this list is Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab. I haven't read the first book which is This Savage Song yet but I plan to read it soon. (she says this about every book). This is the second book in the Monsters of Verity duology or series or trilogy. I honestly have no idea. If you don't know what it is about it takes place in a world where monsters are born when bad things happen. The worse it is the more powerful the monster. I believe we follow two character, a human and a monster, however the human wants to be a monster and the monster wants to be a human. I also heard this is a no Romance book and I am looking forward to that.

Release Date: June 13, 2017

Once and for AllThe next book on my list is Once and For ALL by Sarah Dessen. I only read two other Sarah Dessen books which are What Happened to Goodbye and Saint Anything and really enjoyed both of them. This book is about a wedding planner and it is all I really know about it to be honest. It sounds like the perfect summer read and I plan on reading it this summer.

Release Date: June 6, 2017

Lucky in LoveThis next book I have to share is Lucky in Love by Kasie West. I honestly find Kasie West's books to be okay but her books are cute fluffy reads that I need when I am in a reading slump. I highly recommend reading her books to get you out of a slump. Fun fact: I love reading contemporary in the summer so it is perfect timing. I don't know much about it but I know it has to do with a girl who won the lottery and I am excited to read it.

Release Date: July 25, 2017

Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of VillainyI am pretty sure you have all heard something about the next book on my list which is Because You Love to Hate Me by many people I don't want to name because I don't know them all from the top of my head and am too lazy to google it. If you don't know this book is a collection of short stories that have to do with villains I think. A bunch of Booktubers and authors teamed up together to create it. The booktubers giving the authors prompts to write about. That is what I heard and am not sure if it is true or not. Anyway I am excited to see what they write and cannot wait for it. Sadly I will be on vacation when this is released and probably won't read it till August.

Release Date: July 11, 2017

Aug 29
The Dazzling Heights (The Thousandth Floor #2)The next book on my list is one I am surprised at myself to be anticipating. The Dazzling Heights by Katherine McGee. This is the second book in The Thousandth Floor (series? duology?). This series has a lot of drama and it is often compared to Gossip Girl though I can't compare the two because I never watched Gossip Girl. The first book is about a bunch of teenagers who live in a thousand floor building in New York where the richest live at the top and the lower you are the lower the class you are. The first book is one of my guilty pleasure reads and I do want to know what happens next obviously.

Release Date: August 29, 2017

Do you see any books on this list you are excited for? Let me know in the comments! Also comment any other anticipated releases you may have. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in my next post!