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Hi my name is Andrea. I love reading as you can probably tell. I decided to start this book blog to share my passion with others who love the same thing. My favourite books include the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling, Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas, and The Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. Besides reading I also like drawing even though I suck. My favourite TV shows include the Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, and Merlin. 

More on my personal life. I am a high school freshman student and my favourite class is currently Physics. Yes. I know it is weird. I play the Trumpet for marching and French Horn for wind ensemble. I use to play the flute and got in The Junior District band in 8th grade. I absolutely love dogs and I have a pug named Bobo. I am an American born Chinese. 你好!我叫刘稀楹。I am learning Mandarin at school but don't know a lot so don't comment in Mandarin because I probably have no idea what you are saying.

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