Friday, January 10, 2020

Favorite reads of the year

Hello everyone today I will be sharing with you my top 10 reads of the year. These are in somewhat of an order but in general it is around the numbers that it would be. The top 3 though are solid. I am very busy at the moment with midterms and college applications so this will be a quick post as well as with my most disappointing reads which is coming soon. Due to time, there are going to be no images in this post and I apologize for that and the hiatas that I have been on. I hope to come back and be more active on my blog in March or April. Without further ado here is the list!

10) Becoming By Michelle Obama - This is Michelle Obama's memoir which I really enjoyed. I really admire her as a person and it was nice to see what her life was like and her perspective on things in the white house.

9) The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima- I thought the first half was slow to be honest but by the end I fell in love with the characters, writing, story, and word that I am currently obsessed with the series. I did also read book two and really enjoyed it as well and cannot wait to continue on with the series. I can see Cinda Williams Chima becoming one of my favorite authors.

8) Lock Every Door by Riley Sager- I have been really wanting to pick up an adult mystery thriller and decided to try this one. I really enjoyed it and few through it. I found the story interesting and the concept intriguing and I cannot wait to read other books by this author.

7) Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson- This is a book I heard good things about so I really wanted to give it a try. It is a standalone fantasy book and I fell in love with the world and characters especially Nathaniel and Silas. Her first book which I read I think two years ago was a disappointment so I am really glad I enjoyed this one.

6) The Prince and thee Dressmaker by Jen Wang- I usually do not read graphic novels but I picked this one up to complete one of the challenges for a readathon I was participating in and surprisingly fell in love with it. I love the characters and the story. It was just so cute and wholesome and I really recommend it.

5) Vicious by V.E Schwab- I read other book by V.E Schwab before but this one is my favorite, or maybe my second favorite. I really enjoyed her writing and how unique the story was. Also the characters were some of my favorites and I really want to read the sequel.

4) Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim- This book took me by surprise on how much I loved it. The characters were amazing and I love the story line. The first half of the book is sort  of a dressmaking competition and the second half is a journey adventure type and it was so much fun to read.

3) American Royals by Katharine McGee- I did not expect to love this book as much as I did. This book had so much drama which is exactly what I wanted to read at the moment. This book was just a whole lot of fun to read to be honest.

2) Archenemies by Marissa Meyer- This is the second book in the Renegades series and I also loved this one. I am really hoping to get to book 3 in 2020 and am so excited to see what happens next. This book gives me so much comic book vibes (Marvel) which makes the book even more amazing.

1) The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Ried- This is a book I loved so much. Evelyn Hugo was such an interesting character to read about and I was sucked into the story immediately. I just wanted to know more about her life.

Those were my top favorites of the year. Thank you for reading and let me know your favorite book(s) of the year!


  1. American Royals was a top read for me too. I love McGee's brand of soapy drama and I cannot wait to continue that story

  2. I kinda want to try Riley Sager too as I've been reading a ton of thrillers lately. Taylor Jenkins- Reid as well, I read her Maybe In another Life and really liked it!