Friday, May 25, 2018

Click'd (Spoiler Free) Review

Click'dTitle: Click'd
Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
Series: Click'd #1
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Date Read: 3/31/18

Click'd is the book I needed at the moment which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. I need a easy read that was short and this book was just that. I read Every Last Word last year by the same author and I loved it so much. When I first head about Click'd I knew I had to read it because the concept sounded so cool and I am glad I did.

This is a middle grade book following a girl name Allie who is a 7th grader and is really interested in coding and quite good at it. During a summer camp called Code Girls, she creates this app called Click'd. The app helps connect two people with common interests together. Her app becomes viral in her school and then she notices a glitch she has to fix before the coding competition in order to beat her rival.

I am actually planning on studying computer science at the moment and I loved seeing the pros and cons of coding and it helped give me an insight on some problems I would face in the real world when it comes to code.

I do want to say that this book has a very important friendship element. I love that Allie has a great group of friends and that her parents are present in the book. I know. No romance to which was a refresher. It is a middle grade which could contribute to the no romance but still.

Even though this book focuses on Allie trying to fix the glitch in her app, she still does other things like play soccer in her free time.

Overall I do think this is an underrated book and more people should read this. Tamara Ireland Stone is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite authors.

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