Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My Oxford Year (Spoiler Free) Review

My Oxford YearTitle: My Oxford Year
Author: Julia Whelan
My rating: 3.5/5 stars
Date Read: 6/3/18

This book was not exactly what I expected. Not in a bad or good way. Honestly I just found it eh though it did have its cute moments. I have not heard a lot about this book but I read the first few sentences on the back cover summary and it sounded good so I decided to pick it up. This book follows a girl name Ella who spends a year in Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship. That was all I knew going into this book and I did wish I read the entire summary so I had a better idea what the book was about.

Honestly at the same time I am glad I did not read the entire summary because it also seemed a bit spoilery and I probably was not going to read it.

It had some tropes and actually reminded me of another book which I will not say but that book is YA.

The writing is not the best. It felt average and it is hard to explain it. It was simple and easy to understand. Nothing was wrong with it it just was not a wow factor of this book but the writing did not effect my enjoyment of the story.

I did like the characters and I felt like it made the story more enjoyable. I enjoyed reading from Ella's POV and I liked seeing her thoughts. I feel like as the story progressed she developed into a better person and character. Jamie Davenport was ok. I mean not really swoonworthy but eh. Maggie, Charlie, and Tom. I love how Ella's friends still play an important part of the book though I do wish that they were in the book more. I really like them. Cecelia was interesting. I did not like her in the beginning of the story but really liked her at the end. I did want more information about something in her life and I felt like could add to the story if she talked to Ella about it. I cannot say what.

If you read the book or the back cover summary full, it is very predictable that my least favorite trope is in this book. For some reason though it did not bother me as much as usual which is strange. I think it is because (view spoiler) Overall I did enjoy this book. Could be better but enjoyable and I am glad I read it.

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