Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Daughter of the Burning City (spoiler free) Review

Daughter of the Burning CityTitle: Daughter of the Burning City
Author: Amanda Foody
My rating: 3/5 stars
Date Read: 9/08/18

This is a book that is hard for me to rate. There were times that I was so bored that I wanted to DNF the book and there were times that this book was so good that I could not put it down. I decided to settle with a 3 star rating because of this.

For me personally, I found the beginning of the book to be the most boring. DNF boring. After maybe 150 pages, the I found the story to be more interesting and entertaining but sprinkled in the entertaining parts were more boring parts. Does that make sense?

Daughter of the Burning City follow Sorina and she is an illusionist in the Gommorah Festival which is very similar to a traveling circus. As an illusionist, she can create things that people and see, feel, and touch and they all have different personalities. These illusions create the cast of the Freak show and also are Sorina's family. One day, one of the illusions is murdered. But it is an illusion, not a person, so how can a illusion be murdered?

Mystery plays a big part of this book. You are constantly thinking about who could of murdered and who would be capable of murdering an illusion. I did enjoy that aspect of the book and it kept me interested throughout the story because I had to know if my prediction was right. But there were some parts of the book that were just boring, like long conversations ish (I cannot really explain that much due to spoilers) that just took away from the story in my opinion.

The setting of the book is very unique. I always love when books take place in a world that is not like every single fantasy or made up world. I am terrible at explaining, I know. I am trying. But I did really enjoy the setting of the story.

I was not a fan of the main character Sorina. There is no real particular reason why. She is just not my favorite and I found her more on the I do not like you side than the I like you side. I wanted more character development for the main character and her illusions. There are 7 (I think) illusions and I kept forgetting some of them so when they were mentioned I was like who are you?

Overall I did enjoy this book. There were the I love this book so much moments and the this book is so boring moments but I am glad I read Daughter of the Burning city and I do plan on reading Amanda Foody's books in the future.

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  1. Ohh, I read this! I both liked it and didn't like it at the same time...so complicated