Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Love, Life, and the List (Spoiler FREE) Review

Love, Life, and the ListTitle: Love, Life, and the List
Author: Kasie West
My rating: 4 /5 stars
Date Read: 9/02/18

This book was exactly what I needed to read at the moment. Something cute, fluffy, but also has meaning. Love, Life, and the List is definitely my favorite Kaise West book I read so far and I am excited to read her other ones.

In this book we follow Abby Turner who is an artist. She loves to paint. Abby get's rejected from an art show because apparently her art has no heart. As a result she decides to create a summer to-do list to try to gain experiences like facing a fear.

The to-do list in a way sort of reminded me of Morgan Matson's book Since You've Been Gone except that the main character made the to-do list for herself in this book and in Since You've Been Gone it was given to her by a friend. Both books have similarities but they are both very different stories. However if you liked one of them you will probably like the other.

Abby also has an unrequited crush on her best friend Cooper so the trope friends to lovers takes place. It is not my favorite trope but I did really enjoy it in this one.

I did actually like almost every character in the book except for Iris. Lacey and Elliot are great side characters. I really liked Abby and Cooper as well. Abby goes though some character development throughout the story learning some lessons along the way.

I will say this is a summery read but I read it in September (still technically summer but brain says fall) and still really enjoyed it. I personally think this is an underhyped read and I am very glad I finally read it.

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