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The Roaring 20's Book tag

Hello everyone, today I will be doing the roaring 20's book tag. The tag questions really stood out to me as the questions sounded interesting. The creator's are Monica from monica kim, Sara from sarawithoutanH, and Emma from emmmabooks. They are all linked at the bottom of the post. The three of them are all hosting a Diviners readalong which I will not be partaking in because of school, but I do hope to join in when they read the last book. As you could probably tell, this tag is based on the Diviners series as the books take place in the 20's. Let's get on with the questions.

Chain of Gold (The Last Hours, #1)
1.Roaring 20s - a 2020 release you can’t wait for
I feel like there is one answer for this one. At least for me. I am way to excited for Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare. This book does take place in the shadowhunter world and if you did not know, I love the shadowhunter world (as long as we are not taking about the TV show) and I will basically read any of her books that take place in it. I will not be sharing a synopsis for Chain of Gold since I do not want to spoil any of her previous series since they are all mostly connected in some sort of way. I also graduate high school in 2020 so moving on.

Spin the Dawn (The Blood of Stars, #1)2.“That’s the berries” - a new release you loved
I have been really bad at reading new releases but I think I am starting to get better at it. I think my favorite release for the year that I have read so far has to be Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim. This book surprised me in the best way possible. We follow a girl who goes in her brother's place to compete to become the imperial tailor. In order to do so she must disguise herself as a boy as females are not allowed to compete. The first part is very much like project runway. The second part is more of a quest which I really enjoyed. Definite and underrated book and 2019 release.

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)3.“Now you're on the trolley!" - now you're right - a series that took a book or 2 to get good
For this question I am going with the Shatter Me series. I did not like book 1 that much (2 stars) but I really did enjoy books 2 and 3. The series, at least in my opinion, improved a lot as it went on. Overall I did think it was over hyped though I did read it after my dystopian phase. I did enjoy the series overall as a whole but will not be continuing it on with the series (extended trilogy) as I sadly do not care enough but it was good or what it was and enjoyable.

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)
4.“Bluenose” - killjoy (a book that put you in a reading slump)
A book that put me in a slump was Illuminae and that was because I had no motivation to read the book. I wanted to love it but I just could not get into the story and I did not care for the characters one  bit. Forcing myself through it did make me a bit slumpy. I do want to give this author duo another chance though because Aurora Rising sounds epic.

Furyborn (Empirium, #1)5.“Hotsy Totsy” - attractive, a book with a beautiful cover
A book that I think has a gorgeous book cover is Furyborn by Claire Legrand. I really enjoy colors like the combinations of bright colors on a dark background so naturally this cover really stood out to me. I am glad to say that I did enjoy this book a lot and do recommend it. I still need to read the sequel though and I do hope to get to it soon.

Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)6.“Let’s blouse!” - let’s get out of here - a book you DNF’d
One that may surprise a lot of you is Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I did not like the first book Six of Crows but I wanted to give the sequel a chance but sadly I just could not push through. I do want to give the duology another chance though because it receives nothing but praises and I want to be part of the hype. Also I kind of want to read King of Scars and I need to finish this first before I can read it.

Archenemies (Renegades, #2)
7.“Zoozled” - a book that caused an epic book hangover
I want to say Lord of Shadows as it is my go to answer, but I think I am changing my answer to Archenemies by Marissa Meyer the second book in the Renegades trilogy. That ending. It just made me want to read more. I am hoping to get my hands on Supernova, the third book, very soon. If you are looking for a good good vs. evil story, definitely check this series out. 

And that was the Roaring 20's book tag. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and I will hopefully see you in my next post. 

*Tag creators:

Some of the Readalong info (Taken from Emma's video description)
- readalong dates -
The Diviners: Oct 26-Nov 31
Lair of Dreams: December
Before The Devil Breaks You: January
King of Crows: February

- liveshow dates -
The Diviners: December 12
Lair of Dreams: January 9
Before The Devil Breaks You: February 13
King of Crows: March 12
Times TBA - follow each of the hosts for more info!

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