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Geekerella Review

GeekerellaTitle: Geekerella
Author: Ashley Poston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Date Read: 8/22/17

I liked this book I lot. If you couldn't tell this is a modern day Cinderella retelling but with fandoms. The main character Elle lives with her stepmom and two stepsisters. She also works in a food truck called the Magic Pumpkin. Already see the Cinderella references? Any way she is obsessed with the show Starfield which is sort of like Star Wars I think. I will admit I never watched Star Wars. Before her father died he founded ExcelsiCon and when she hears there is a cosplay contest she knows she has to enter. Starfield is becoming a movie and the actor Darien Freeman is to play Carmindor. Darien also loves Starfield but is also dealing with a lot of hate from fans of the show who think he is taking the role for the money including Elle. He is also afraid of messing up the role of Carmindor because there are so many fans of the show already.

I really enjoyed this book is is very short but super cute. It is a perfect book for fangirls and boys and it is perfect for a reading slump and super easy to follow.

I loved the Cinderella references throughout the book and it is very obvious that this is a Cinderella retelling.

In this book we do follow both Elle and Darien's point of view. I honestly preferred reading Elle's POV. I think it is because I found her POV more interesting than Darien's. I do still like Darien as a character though. I actually liked most of the characters.

Sage is probably my favourite character in the book which may also be why I prefer Elle's POV. She is sort of like the fairy godmother of the story. She works at the Magic Pumpkin as well.

Overall I do recommend this book!

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  1. Aw man, I hate when one POV is way more intriguing than the other. But I'm happy to hear this didn't affect your overall thoughts! :) I still have to pick this one up!