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One of Us Is Lying Review

One of Us Is LyingTitle: One of Us Is Lying
Author: Karen M. McManus
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Date Read: 8/14/17

It wasn't bad but I had problems with it.

My first thought is that if there is some sort of app that could potentially hurt students and affect their mental health in a negative way that a student in the school created shouldn't the school do something about it? Now they may of tried to talk to him or tried to take it down but I don't remember reading anything about that. If you read the book let me know if you had similar thoughts or noticed that the staff did attempt to take it down at some point.

One of Us is Lying is about 5 students in detention. Only 4 of them make it out though. Simon died during detention and apparently it was not an accidents. The remaining 4 students are now the main suspects of the murder. Bronwyn, who is an over achiever. Addy, who was homecoming queen. Cooper who is an all star baseball pitcher. And Nate. Who is on probation.

Honestly this book was addicting. I was not attached to any of the character and honestly liked the side characters more. I really liked Maeve who is Bronwyn's sister and Ashton, Addy's sister more than all four of the main characters. Addy though had the most character development out of all the characters in my opinion.

I don't think this is a spoiler but here is a warning just in case.
I didn't like the twist. I kind of knew it was coming but I don't like the twist and don't agree with it.

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