Friday, September 29, 2017

Passenger Review

Passenger (Passenger, #1)Title: Passenger
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Series: Passenger #1
My rating: 2 /5 stars
Date Read: 8/27/7

I wanted to love this book but the first half was so boring ad nothing happened till halfway through the book. Also Etta was very annoying and I did not like her that much. I also found Nicholas to be over protective? I hated that he kept saying or thinking that Etta needed to be protected. It was just plain annoying. And the old friend instalove has returned and yes I do not like the romance.

I was very confused throughout most of the book. I felt like nothing happened in the beginning which left me sort of daydreaming while reading. You know when you are reading but thinking about other things at the same time and then you realize you have no idea what you read. Maybe it is just me.

Passenger is a book about time travel. I haven't read a time travel book in a long time ad was excited to read this. It was very disappointing as you can see I rated it two stars. I did like Alexandra Bracken's other book The Darkest Minds (3/5 stars) but I only read the first book in the trilogy and I do plan on finishing it. Passenger is a duology and I actually do want to know what happens next so I will hopefully read the next book.

We follow two characters Etta and Nicholas. Etta is a violinist living in the modern world of 2015. She soon discovers in the beginning that she and her mother are time travelers. Nicholas is or I think is a Pirate. He is free from the Ironwoods, a powerful time traveler family and lives at sea (which is why I think he is a pirate.) Both of them go on a journey to find this thing that people were trying to keep away from the Ironwoods.

When I first heard of Passenger I expected this to be a fast paced book. I did not expect it to be slow. In fact I wanted to DNF this book around chapter 4. Also keep note that the chapters are very long.

Overall this was just and okay book and it did have its interesting parts which is why it is not a 1 star book.

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