Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Salt to the Sea Review

Salt to the SeaSalt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys
My rating: 4/5 stars
Date Read: 4/4/17

I use to hate historical fictions. After reading a few of them I started to like them. Since I was in the mood for some historical fiction I decided to pick this one up. I loved it. It was very interesting while at the same time teaching me about the events that happened. This story takes place during world war II. If you love historical fiction I highly recommend Ruta Sepetys books.

Salt to the Sea follows four different characters. The book is told by all four of their point of views. The chapters are extremely short so it feels like you are reading very fast. One thing to note is that it changes perspectives every few pages. Sometimes even less than a page. If you don't like books told in multiple point of views Salt to the Sea may not be the book for you.

I found the beginning very confusing to be honest. The perspectives jumping every few pages made it hard for me to figure out what was going on at first. But eventually it all made sense and I fell in love with it.

This is not exactly a happy book. It takes place again in World War II. I only read one other book that takes place in World War II, the other being the Book Thief and I actually like this book better.

The book is told in first person and the narrators are teenagers. The characters names are Emilia, Florian, Joana, and Alfred. All the characters are from different countries. Florian from Prussia, Emilia Poland, Joana Lithuania, and Alfred I forgot or they never mentioned it. He was on the boat 99% of the book. In this book their is hardly any romance but there is still a little. The romance was not overdone which made the book better.

Overall it is one of my favourite historical fictions and I highly recommend it. It taught me a lot about the time period and about World War II. I

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  1. The book sounds interesting. I might give it a shot. I usually stay away from historical fiction and I do not know why... Maybe because there are so many unfair things happening?