Sunday, October 1, 2017

Frostblood Review

Frostblood (Frostblood Saga, #1)Title: Frostblood
Author: Elly Blake
Series: Frostblood Saga #1
My rating: 3.5/5 stars
Date Read: 9/16/17

I went into this book with low expectation and I honestly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Keep in mind this book is not the most original book in the world and can be very predictable.

This books is a fantasy novel and it is told in first person. We follow the main character Ruby's POV. If you hate when books change perspectives you are in luck since we only have one POV in this book! Ruby is a fireblood living in a world ruled by a frostblood king. Her mother is killed and she is taken to the prison. She then escapes with the help of some rebel frostbloods and agrees to help them overthrow the king.

The first 50 pages were really good. Then the rest of the first half was very boring. Nothing happened. I almost DNFed the book so many times but kept pushing through hoping it would get better because I absolutely hate DNFing books. I am so glad I pushed myself through the rest of the first half because the second half of the book is SO much better.

If you hate contemporary books and need a fantasy book to help you out of a reading slump you may want to try reading Frostblood. The world and magic system was very easy to understand and it is a short book.

Keep in mind that this book is very predictable. I did predict several things that happened.

Overall I enjoyed the book it was just very average.

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