Friday, February 24, 2017

The Elite Review

Title: The Elite
Author: Kiera Cass
Date Read: 2/23/17
Rating: 3/5 stars

The Elite is the second book in the Selection. It continues where The Selection left off. We follow our main character America Singer. If you don't know this book is a dystopian novel. It takes place in a world that every class is represented by a number. If you are poor your number ins a higher number. So the ones, twos, and threes, are wealthy and every other number is not good. The main character America Singer is a five. 

In The Selection the royal family is hosting a selection for their son Prince Maxon. America puts her name in the selection and to her surprise she is becomes one of the 35 contestant. It is sort of like the bachelor. 

I still hate America and I hate the love triangle. This series however is super addicting and is now one of my guilty pleasure reads. 

The decisions some of the characters make I do not agree with and I feel like some of the book is honestly not believable. I can't say much because it is a sequel but I still feel like the love triangle is forced.

I will be honest that I liked this book less than the first one. I did enjoy it and I hope the last book is better than the first book. Also this series is a perfect book to binge read. 

The rest of the review will be spoilers so thank you for reading non spoiler people


First off the kissing between Celeste and Maxon. Quite to intense to be believable to be honest. It was hard for me to wrap my head around why he did.

Number two Marlee. I am so glad to see that Marlee is okay after the beating and is perfectly happy and living with Carter. I swear to god I was smiling. It was such a huge relief to see that Marlee was okay. 

Also lets talk about how much I hate Aspen. He sucks but I can predict that America is going to choose Maxon. 

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in my next post. 

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