Friday, March 16, 2018

They Both Die at the End (Spoiler Free) Review

They Both Die at the EndTitle: They Both Die at the End
Author: Adam Silvera
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Date Read: 2/17/18

School book club pick for the month of February

They Both Die at the End is the second Adam Silvera book I read. The first being More Happy Than Not. I found More Happy Than Not mediocre and was not planning on reading another Adam Silvera book. Since it is the school book club pick of the month, I decided to give Silvera another chance and I am glad I did because I really really enjoyed this book.

In this book there is this company called Death-Cast that calls you the day you are going to die to let you know you are going to die. Both of the main characters Mateo and Rufus get the phone call. They meed using the app Last Friend. This app was created to help people who are going to die that day, meet others in the same area who have gotten the call. This book takes place slightly less than 24 hours and we follow both Mateo and Rufus's POV. Also in this book we have random POV of minor characters that don't seem important but it added so much more to the story.

In a way this book reminded me a lot of The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. Both of these books take place in a day, the POV of minor character sprinkled in, and diversity.

When reading this book, I knew the characters would die at the end. It is not a spoiler because if you read the title it says They Both Die at the end and Adam Silvera likes to write sad books.

I hate when this happens, when you prefer one POV over another, and it happened again in this one. I liked reading from Mateo's perspective more than Rufus's. In general I think I like Mateo a bit more than him. But regardless I still liked reading from Rufus's POV.

Overall I would recommend this book. If you cry a lot when reading you will most likely cry when reading this book. If you don't cry a lot during books, like me, you probably won't cry since I did not shed a tear, though I did feel very sad on the inside when I finished the book.

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