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An Enchantment of Ravens [ Spoiler Free ] Review

An Enchantment of RavensTitle: An Enchantment of Ravens
Author: Margaret Rogerson
My rating: 2.5/5 stars
Date Read: 10/19/18

I first heard of this book around its release time and added it to my TBR because it seemed interesting but after a month or two after its release I have not heard that much about it. I was looking through by TBR list and found this book on it so I finally decided to request it from my local library and two my surprise the physical copy is a 300 page, including the acknowledgements, standalone fantasy. Meaning that the actual story itself is less then 300 pages. That is very short for a fantasy book and especially short for a standalone fantasy. This made my expectations for this book very low.

In this book, the fae cannot do anything related to the craft of art and they hire humans to do things for them such as painting. The main character Isobel is a painter and she one day is asked to paint a portrait of the Fae prince of the Autumn court. She makes a mistake by painting mortal sorrow in his eyes. Now she is taken into the fae realm to face a trial for her crime and they go through several obstacles among the way causing them to become closer.

It is very clear what direction this book goes in. I thought this book was very romance heavy and I wish it was not. I am not the biggest fan of most romances in books, although there are some that I love. This one happens to sadly be not one of them. I thought it felt forced, maybe because the book was so short it made a longer period of time feel shorter. The plot of the story is basically about their romance.

I think this book should of at least been a hundred pages longer. The world building was not that good and an easy way to help with the world building is having a map in the book. I think it would of helped me understand the book so much more. I also thought that the magic system was not well done. There are still a lot of things I do not really understand about the book. Maybe because about halfway through I got bored a little in the middle and kind of skimmed read. That is my fault if I missed something. But from what I remembered, I thought that there should of been more world building, and a better explained magic system. I also thought the character development could of been improved a little too.

Despite all that, the writing style was good, and the concept and ideas were very interesting. I never read a book about fae in which the fae cannot do any sort of art such as drawing, or cooking. It added a unique touch to the stereotypical fae book which I really appreciated.

Overall I thought this book was meh. I probably will forget what it is about in a few weeks and I do not plan on rereading it. I will probably pick up another one of the authors books when they are released.

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  1. It's a shame it wasn't that good. I hate when a book isn't one I hate nor one I love or like...meh describes it perfectly.