Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Literary Book Gifts

Today's post is an exciting one today. I have been asked to review the design of the products of the shop Literary Book Gifts. I have not used any of their products before so I will not be able to talk about the quality of the products but I will say the designs are amazing! This shop sells so many different designs of tote bags and T-shirts. Remember to add my code AndreasBookishThoughts20 before paying for 20% off anything in the store!

Here are some of my favorite designs that I wanted to highlight.

The first one is my favorite and that is the Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt. I love Alice in Wonderland so it is kind of biased but I really do love the design of the shirt and the font of the words! The shirt also comes in many. The shirt does come in many different colors as well which you can see on the website.

The next design is a Emily Dickinson inspired tote bag. I think this design is absolutely gorgeous. i love how the bag looks like she has written one of her poems on it and I love the bird which in my opinion adds a lot to the bag in a very good way. It is very simplistic which is my style and the type of designs I gravitate towards.

The final design that I am highlighting is the Pride and Prejudice tote bag.  I really like the color that it comes in I think it suites the design and theme of this bag. It does come only in one color. The one thing I really love about it though is how simple it is. It is not in your face but has enough going on in the design to draw your attention.

Thank you so much Literary Book Gifts for asking me to review the designs of your products. Remember to use AndreasBookishThoughts20 to get 20%!

Literary Book Gifts site: https://literarybookgifts.com/

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  1. I'm hoping to buy the Edgar Allen Poe T-shirt as soon as I can, but I'm kinda torn between it and the Pride and Prejudice Tote bag...