Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lucky in Love (Spoiler free) Review

Lucky in LoveTitle: Lucky in Love
Author: Kasie West
My rating: 2/5 stars
Date Read: 2/28/18

I kind of read the whole book, but I did skip many pages to finish the book faster and did skim read the pages and scenes I did not skip.

This book was such a disappointment. It may be because I absolutely fell in love with Love, Life, and the List, Kaise West's other book and I did read this one quite soon after. I did have high expectations going into this book as well so part of the reason why I did not enjoy this book was partially my fault.

This book follows a girl name Maddie who one day wins the lottery. With the money comes her no longer stressing about college payment as well as people treating her differently and wanting to be her friend because she has the money. The only person who does not seem to know about her win is Seth, who also works at the local zoo with her. For some reason Maddie also does not want to share the news with her.

First off, I love the writing. It is simple and really easy to read. Kaise West's writing is one of the things I love most about her books. Because it is so simple, it helps me read a lot faster when I am in a slump or super busy. The other thing I usually love about her books is the characters and in this book, I did not like Maddie that much. I liked before lottery Maddie, but not after lottery Maddie. I felt like she was irresponsible at times and she changes quite a lot. At the end of the book though she did learn her lesson so that is a plus. I did like Seth throughout the book, though a lot less than I expected. If I like the characters in the book, my enjoyment of the book would be so much more.

I will not lie, Maddie was the main reason why I did not like the book if I were completely honest. I expected to like her a lot more than I did and I did not think she would annoy me. I understand how she could of changed because she won the lottery and she did change in a way that made perfect sens, but it frustrated me to read about which made me end up skimming and skipping pages. At least she learned her lesson at the end.

Am I glad I read this book? Yes for sure. I will be reading Kaise West's other books in the future too. Overall it was eh to me but if you decide to pick it up, I hope you enjoy it a lot more than I did.

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  1. Hm, I haven't heard of any of this author's books. I'll have to give the one you liked best a try!