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The Distance Between Us review

The Distance Between UsTitle: The Distance Between Us
Author: Kasie West
My Rating: 4/5 stars
Date Read: 7/29/17

I really really liked this book and it is definitely my favourite Kasie West book I have read so far. It is cute and very easy to get through and it has an important family dynamic in the story as well.

We follow a girl named Caymen Meyers, a seventeen year old who helps her mom run a doll store. SHe studies the rich that come into her moms doll store and watches them spend money on useless things. Then a young boy (17 years old not that young) named Xander Spence picks up a doll for his grandmother and at first glance Caymen can tell he is pretty rich. The two of them eventually become friends. Very predictable plot but addicting.

I liked how the story wasn't to instalovey but it was still a bit instalovey but not like I just met you and I am going to kiss you the day I met you inta love. The relationship took time to develop and they started off as friends.

I liked both characters. Caymen is a believable character and I liked how much she cared about her mom and that she helps her with the store a lot. Xander, I expected him to be a jerk but he was really sweet and I enjoyed him as a character.

Small love triangle in the beginning as well but nothing huge. It did not interfere with the story at all in my opinion and the triangle went away very quickly so it is not to bad. As a person who usually hates love triangles, I wasn't bothered with it at all.

I felt like the ending was very open ended and I wanted to know more and a sequel or a short story telling us what happened would be nice.

I would recommend reading this book between fantasy reads or giant books because you can read these really fast. Yes the book is cheesy at times. Overall I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

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