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The Unexpected Everything Review

The Unexpected EverythingTitle: The Unexpected Everything
Author: Morgan Matson
My rating: 4.5/ 5 stars
Date Read: 8/5/17

Morgan Matson book favourite list
1) Second Chance Summer
2) Since You've Been Gone
3) The Unexpected Everything
4) Amy and Roger's Epic Detour (only one I didn't like)

The Unexpected Everything follows a girl named Alexandra (Andie) and she had her whole summer planned out. Things changed though. Her father is a politician an is now under investigation and her plans to go somewhere cancel. Andie is now spending the summer walking dogs and of course hanging out with her friends.

Andie's friend group consists of Toby, Bri, Palmer, and Palmer's boyfriend Tom and eventually one more. One thing I like about this book is that the friendship between the characters were a big part of it. I feel like most contemporary are more focused on the Romance but this one focused on both and it made the story so much better.

Let's talk about Andie's summer job. A dog walker! One of my dream jobs. I mean dogs are just so adorable.

Back to characters. I thought all the characters had good character development. Toby was my favourite character till the end of the book. I started to like Clark more.

I predicted something that happened (can't say without spoiling but if you read it you probably know.) I will admit though contemporaries tend to be more predictable than fantasy books.

I love that we saw some characters from Since You've Been Gone. I fangirled a little (okay a lot) while reading this scene. I will recommend reading Matson's books in order of publication because sometimes she mentions some characters from her other books and it is always fun to see some of your favourite characters again.

Overall I highly recommend reading this book and it is a perfect summer read. I will say though that this book is long.

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