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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Spoiler Review

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Author: J.K. Rowling
Series: Harry Potter #7
My rating: 5/5 stars

I have finished my 2017 Harry Potter reread!
This review contains unmarked spoilers

As the other 6 reviews I have done for this series this review will also be all over the place. Because so much happens in this book I think I will shorten the review by only talking about the things I really want to talk about and keeping it kind of short.

First off the Dursley's are going into hiding. I sometimes wonder if Mr. Dursley has any sense because he says we are leaving then nope we aren't. Dudley was like screw it dad I want to leave. Petunia just wants Dudley to be safe and at the end they did leave Private Drive. Dudley's last words to Harry was I didn't think you were a waste of space or something along those lines. I keep forgetting that.

Harry leaves Private Drive with the Order and of course they had a master plan that they would turn 6 people into Harry as they escaped into safe houses. Each one different. Harry rode with Hagrid which is very emotional because Hagrid is the one to bring Harry there and he is the one taking him away. The twins, Ron, Hermione, Fluer, and Mundungus turn into Harry and they are off into the night to the different safe houses. Apparently the Death Eaters knew that they were traveling that night which we later learned how and why they knew. Hedwig dies which is extremely sad and Hagrid fell from the sky trying to protect Harry. The first time I read it I though Hagrid was dead but he is alive and well and I am glad Hagrid is okay. They arrive at Tonk's house and then take a porkey to the Burrow.

Bill and Fluer's wedding take place in the Burrow and during the wedding the Death Eaters took over the ministry. Hermione disapperates with Ron and Harry into the city where they are met by Death Eaters. I don't think it was ever com firmed whether or not Harry still had the trace on him.

They spent the night in Grimmauld place and later learned Kreacher's story. We figure out that R.A.B is Regulus Black and he allowed Voldemort to use Kreacher to drink the potion to hide his Horcrux. Regulas of course with the help of Kreacher goes to the cave and drinks the potion and tells Kreacher to destroy it before dying. It was honestly a heartbreaking moment. Regulus unlike Sirius treated Kreacher with more respect and Kreacher does love Regulus more. Harry gives Kreacher the fake Horcrux and Kreacher looses it and after that treats Harry, Ron, and Hermione more kindly. He also find Mundungus and they discover that he sold the locket to Umbridge. I am pretty sure when everyone read that part for the first time they are all, including me, this lady again? I thought she was gone.

With careful planning and with the help of polyjuice potion the three of them manage to get into the ministry and find the locket but like Kreacher, could not destroy it. Later on Ron will stab it with the word of Gryffindor. Speaking of the sword, Neville proves himself as a worthy Griffindor as he mamages to pull the sword out of the hat just like Harry. Neville I feel like thought he didn't belong in this hout but he proved he is brave and courageous.

Not being able to return to Sirius's house they start camping out in the woods, Ron leaves but comes back Harry ignore's Ron's warning and says Voldemort's name and they get captured. Hermione is tortured and honestly that scene was very scary because Bellatrix is cruel and I didn't know the first time I read it whether or not Hermione survived. She does and recovers in shell cottage where Bill and Fluer now live. Dobby rescues the trio plus a few others including Luna and Dobby dies in the process. It is a sad moment and even Harry is so devastated that he had trouble saying anything but Goodbye at Dobby's funeral.

Way before that when the met Bathilda and learned she was actually a snake Hermione breaks Harry's wand. Harry feels like a part of him is missing. Told by Ollivander his wand is repairable he later tries to fix it with the elder wand and it works.

At shell cottage they made an agreement with Griphook the goblin and pulled off an epic break in into Gringotts. I loved that part and it was my favourite moment in this book.

The battle of Hogwarts was more sad and more epic this time I read it. Grawp threw Hagrid through the window so he could join the fight. I really wished we could of seen that scene in the movie. Percy comes back and learns his lesson that family is very important and he witnessed his brother die. Honestly it was heartbreaking to see Percy, who finally wanted to see and hep his family again only to lose one of them. I mean I cried reading that part too.

Lets not forget at the end that the house elves lead by Kreacher also helped fight. And Mrs. Weasley fighting Bellatrix was insane. Bellatrix almost killed Ginny and Mrs. Weasley was mad. I don't think I ever saw her that mad ever. People tried to help her but she reused any help and they all stared to watch. I feel like everyone stopped fighting or were half fighting but watching them fight.

That's it for now and I probably add more later because I still have a lot to say.

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