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There is Someone Inside Your House Review

There's Someone Inside Your HouseTitle: There's Someone Inside Your House
Author: Stephanie Perkins
My rating: 3./5 stars
Date Read: 10/21/17

There's Someone Inside Your House is the 2nd Stephanie Perkins book I read. The first being Anna and the French Kiss. As you all probably know already this book is completely different from the cutesy contemporary books she is known for. I am glad she wrote something different and experienced with a new genre as I did enjoy this book, however I didn't love it. I being the scaredy cat I am was not going to pick this up but since it was short and since it is close to Halloween I picked it up and I finished it. It isn't as scary as I thought it would be, and at times the serious moments were actually funny when it is actually not suppose to be funny.

This book is under 300 pages and it is a perfect book to read during a 24 hour readathon or in one sitting. Also I recommend going into this book with low expectations because that is what I did and I think that it helped me enjoy this books more.

I honestly didn't really care much for the characters but I didn't hate any of the main characters. Personally they were all okay. I did think that some characters lacked character development. We do have some diversity in this book but I cannot speak for the representation of it. Makani is half African American and half Native Hawaiian and Darby is a transboy.

There is a romance in this book and the book talks about it quite a lot. In fact it the book wan't focused on the murders it was probably focused on the romance.

S P O I L E R _ B E L O W

The killer is revealed halfway through the book which is honestly disappointing. I wanted the killer to be revealed at the end of the book to make me want to finish it more. After that point the book was basically find the killer.

Overall I did like this book but if you are a huge horror fan and want to be scared this book will probably not be for you. If you are like me a scaredy cat, you can probably read this book and be perfectly fine as some of the parts that are suppose to be scary are actually funny.

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