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Because You Love To Hate Me Review

Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of VillainyTitle: Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy
Author: Ameriie +12 other authors and 13 other booktubers.
My rating: 3.1/5 stars
Date Read: 8/31/17

I used a calculator.

If you haven't heard of Because You Love to hate me is an anthology where 13 authors teamed up with 13 booktubers. Each author is paired up with a booktuber and the booktuber gives the author a writing prompt about a villain. I LOVED some of the stories but others I wanted to DNF.

The Blood of Imuriv by Renee Ahdieh
4/5 stars
I really enjoyed this short story. I honestly wanted more from the world and I think that this could of been a full novel. There is so much to explore in this world. I was very disappointed when this story ended. I just wanted more. I did really enjoy Ahdieh's Wrath and the Dawn Duology but wasn't a big fan of The Flame in The Mist. I will say though is is one of my favourite stories in this Anthology.

Jack by Ameriie
1/5 stars
I have never heard of Ameriie . Let me be honest, I found this story very boring. I skimmed the the majority of the story. This story was honestly not for me.

Gwen and Art and Lance by Soman Chainani
1.5/5 stars
I feel like the format of this story is what ruined this short story. This book is written through text messaging. I did read this story very quickly and I did understand what was going on so that was the good thing. Honestly if this was written differently it would probably be more enjoyable. Also there is no text talk so that is a plus.

Shirley & Jim by Susan Dennard
3/5 stars
It was average. I didn't care that much about the characters but I was curious to see what happens at the end. I enjoyed the writing and I think it could of been better but it was still enjoyable.

The Blessing of Little Wants by Sarah Enni
2.5/5 stars

I wasn't that interested in the beginning of this story. By the time I was interested I was confused since I did skim most of the the first half. I may go back to reread it but as for now I will leave my rating at 2.5 stars. I also never heard of Sarah Enni before.

The Sea Witch by Marissa Meyer
5/5 stars

I loved this story. It is my favourite out of all of them. I loved the writing and was interested in the story since the first page. It was just everything I wanted. It is so hard to explain why.

Beautiful Venom by Cindy Pon
3.5/5 stars

I never heard of Cindy Pon and need to add her books to my tbr. I also thought that Benjamin's essay in very important as well and if you plan on skipping the booktubers essays I would recommend reading this one over all of them. Back to the short story. I liked that it had an Asian setting and it was very unique from anything I ever read. The writing was also really good.

Death Knell by Victoria Schwab
5/5 stars

This story is probably my second favourite. I loved the way it was written and it was very unique and I never read anything like it before.

Marigold by Samantha Shannon
3.5/5 stars

I never read anything by Samantha Shannon before and need to add her series the Bone Season to my TBR. I found this story very interesting and I wanted to know what happened. I also think that this world could be explored more and I want a full novel in this world. I would say the beginning was a little confusing to me but overall I really liked it.

You, You, It's all About You by Adam Silvera
1/5 stars

I really liked Adam Silvera's book More Happy Than Not but I was so bored when reading this story. I was excited to read it but I ended up skimming most of it. It is just not for me.

Julian Breaks Every Rule by Andrew Smith
4.5/5 stars

I never was really interested in reading Andrew Smith's other book but that has now changed and I want to read all of his books. I surprising loved this story. It was interesting, the writing was really good. This was honestly a surprise because I didn't think I would like this story as much as I did.

Indigo Shade by April Genevieve Tucholke
2.5/5 stars

I never heard or read anything by this author. I did enjoy it but some parts are very confusing. I still am confused. I think it is because it needed more explanations.

Sera by Nicola Yoon
4/5 stars

It took me a bit to understand what was going on but the story eventually pieced together and I loved it. It was unique and I loved the way it was written. Overall a very solid short story. I do want to see what happens next.

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