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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Spoiler Review

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Author: J.K. Rowling
Series: Harry Potter Book #3
My rating: 5/5 stars
Reread: 9/25/17

Like my other two Harry Potter reviews this review will have unmarked spoilers. I recommend reading the entire series before watching this review because it is possible that I will accidentally write a spoiler for a future book.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has always been my least favourite in the series and I honestly have no idea why.

Just to let you know this review will be all over the place and won't be in chronological order.

One of my favourite things in the magical universe is Quidditch. In this book we get a lot of Quidditch scenes and I loved it! Of course we all know that Sirius Black is on the loose and the dementors are stationed outside of Hogwarts. They appear during the game against Hufflepuff and Hufflepuff wins because Harry fell off his broom. Harry wakes up in the hospital wing to learn that they had lost and that Wood is probably still in the showers and they think he is trying to drown himself. We also learned that out of all the places Harry's broom could of landed it landed in the whomping willow and broke. To be honest I was sad that Harry's broom broke. It was the broom that Harry had to show off to Malfoy and it was the broom that Harry caught his first snitch on so it is very important. Sirius (they don't know at that time) sent him a Firebolt and Hermione just has to tell McGonagall about the broom. Harry and Ron get mad at her. Even though both characters were mad at her I felt like Hermione did the right thing because it is better to have your friends safe and be mad at you than having them die. Also let's just say that Lee Jordan has the best commentary.

Speaking of Hermione she also is taking so many classes. Harry and Ron eventually start to notice something funny is going on with her schedule and how she ended up one place and then the next a second later. I was not surprised that she of course was taking every class available because classic Hermione. I feel like if she wasn't in Gryffindor she would of 100% of been Ravenclaw. Hermione is also my favourite character in the trio.

Now we are jumping back to the beginning. Harry receives his Hogwart letter containing his Hogsmeade permission slip and of course getting his Aunt and Uncle to sign it will be hard. He end up with an agreement to be nice to Aunt Marge and act like a muggle and Uncle Vernon would sign it. Now that lady is a jerk. I honestly hated her more than the Dursleys. She was just terrible. Now Umbridge is worse don't get me wrong but she was very rude. Eventually she insults Harry's parents and Harry accidentally blew her up and he thinks he is going to get expelled. He then packs up to leave Private Drive and we get to the iconic Night Bus scene. This scene I feel like is the most well known scene in the book. I mean it is on the cover of the illustrated edition.

Harry ends up meeting Fudge in the Leaky Cauldron and learns he is not getting expelled and he got away from the Dursleys for a few extra weeks.

Now on the train to Hogwarts we have the first appearance of the worst, in my opinion, magical creature, a dementor. Unlike Ron and Hermione Harry passed out but he was lucky to be in the compartment with Lupin who is obviously the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I mean he knows what he is doing and is actually teaching the students something.

Lupin eventually teaches Harry the patronus charm and I love that scene. It is such a memorable moment for Harry and the patronus charm is one of the hardest charms to produce according to Lupin. Even Hermione says it. Now in the movies the patronus' look like white globs but in the book they are animals so sometimes it is hard for me to remember that patronus' are not white globs.

Sirius Black is on the loose and one thing we noticed is that Ron's rat is acting kind of funky. He seems to try to fake his own death and run away from Ron and is loosing weight. Now even though Ron acts like he hates Scabbers, he secretly loves him because he seemed miserable when he though he died. Of course Hermione bought a cat and the cat keeps trying to kill Scabbers. Speaking of the rat I had this question about the Marauder's Map for a very long time. How come Fred and George never noticed that Ron was sleeping with a guy named Peter Pettigrew? I feel like they would of spoken up if they noticed something.

Speaking of Pettigrew we learn that Sirius is innocent and did not kill Lily and James Potter and that Lupin is a werewolf. Pettigrew escapes and eventually Harry finds himself in the Hospital wing again. I swear in every book he always somehow manages to find his way to the hospital wing.

Harry and Hermione use the time turner to rescue Buckbeak and Sirius and Harry produced an amazing patronus.

Let's talk about Boggarts because why not. Neville's Boggart is professor Snape. What!? I know Snape is scary and hates Neville but still I am surprised that someone's fear is a teacher. I am glad the story about the Boggart dressed in Neville's grandmothers school spread throughout the school because it is hilarious and I love it. I also am not surprised that Ron's is a spider. I mean we saw him last year meeting the gigantic spider. Hermione's is actually McGonagall telling her she failed all her test. For some reason I am not surprised.

Hagrid is a professor at Hogwarts now and I could not have been more happy for him. He deserves the job. I also hate when Malfoy fakes his injury saying he broke his arm when in reality he only was scratched.

Basically I really enjoyed this book despite it being my least favourite in the series.

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