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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Spoiler Review

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2)Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Author: J.K. Rowling
Series: Harry Potter #2
My rating: 5/5 stars

Do not read this review if you haven't finished the series yet. This review will have unmarked spoilers

Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets is a lot of people's least favourite in the series. I personally really love this one and it is probably my 4th favourite in the series.

Please keep in mind this review like the last one will be all over the place and I have so much to talk about I probably will forget to put some things in. Thinking back to my review of The Sorcerer's Stone I forgot at least 10 thing I wanted to talk about. So basically I will add on to my reviews each time I reread Harry Potter.

Lets talk about Dobby first. Dobby is first seen in Harry's room and warns him not to go to Hogwarts. Immediately we know this won't be a normal school year. Let's also say Dobby seems like he is trying to kill Harry. Okay maybe the blocking the platform won't kill Harry but setting a buldger on him probably will. At the end we learn that Dobby serves the Malfoy out of all the wizard families and I feel really bad for him. He is such a good elf and tries to help even though he is making Harry's life a lot harder. But Harry manages to free him and those were happy times and we will eventually learn that Dobby will work for Dumbledore in the kitchens.
The Weasley's have a ghoul living in their attic which we don't see in the movies. I just found that interesting and I always forget that they have this creature in their house. Harry of course if rescued by the twins and Ron in a flying car after Harry never responded to all of their letters (Dobby intersected the letters) and took him to the burrow. I love the de-gnoming the garden scene as well. Mr. Weasley comes home and Mrs. Weasley tells him that their sons flew the flying car. Mr. Weasley asks them how it was before seeing his wife's face.

Ron and Harry do fly the flying car once more to get to Hogwarts after Dobby blocked the platform. Out of all the trees they could of hit they had to hit the whomping willow. Of course we will learn why the whomping willow was planted their in the first place but it is not in this book so I'll save it for next review. Both receive detention for what they done and Ron a howler as well. I will admit that scene was funny event though it wasn't funny to Ron. Ron has to clean the trophy case the muggle way and Harry had to help Lockhart answer fan mail which brings us to Professor Lockhart.

I will admit I do not like professor Lockhart even though I like him a lot more than Umbridge. The trio firsts meets him in the books store and I could already tell Ron and Harry hated him. Hermione and Mrs. Weasley fancy him. Of course after the pixie incident during a defense against the dark arts class we quickly learn Lockhart has no idea what he was doing. We can also see that his first quiz had to do with him and not the actual subject. And of course we cannot forget about Valentines Day. I still think Hermione was one of the many people who sent Lockhart a valentine. I could quickly tell that none of the teachers also liked Lockhart and they seemed to find him annoying.

The first attack that starts the whole chamber of secrets opening was on Filch's cat. We also learn that Filch in a squib which is probably why he hate seeing all of these magical kids. Then of course the second attack on Colin Creevey followed by the Dueling club scene when Harry tells the snake not to attack Justin. Then we have the attack on Justin and Sir Nicholas and then Hermione and Percy's girlfriend Penelope Clearwater. Of course people though it the heir of Slytherin because he could talk to snakes. Then they quickly realized after Hermione was attacked that Harry couldn't have opened the chamber of secrets.

Hermione figured out that the monster was a basilisk and Harry and Ron will eventually figure out that the chamber is located in the girls bathroom where they brewed the polyjuice potion. Moaning Myrtle is a very important character in this book. Even though she can be annoying and kind off fancies Harry. She is the one that made them realize that the chamber is in the girls bathroom after they learn that the monster killed a girl 50 years ago in a bathroom and she is the one to tell them where she saw the monster or the eyes of the monster before she died.

Harry finds a diary in the bathroom as well and learns that it is Tom's old diary. I knew it was going to be important later on in the story. Harry figures out how it works later and we learn that they thought Hagrid opened the chamber. He didn't though. It was Tom/Voldemort. One of the big questions I had while reading this part is why would they allow Hargrid to stay on Hogwarts grounds if he is the one they thought let the monster loose. Even though they had very little evidence wouldn't they investigate further and why can't they just use a truth potion. That part didn't make sense. Follow the spiders is one of my all time favourite scenes. Just thinking about ron freaking out about spiders is so funny and it is all because Fred or George or both turned one of his stuffed animals (I think) into a spider. I mean if I saw a giant spider I would probably scream.

Lockhart looses his memory after trying to cast a memory charm on Ron and Harry using of course Ron's broken wand. I guess that was his punishment to himself. I sometimes forget Voldemort's real name or original name is Tom Riddle and sometimes need a reminder. I loved the part when Fawkes comes to Harry's rescue with the sorting hat and we learn that Harry is a true Gryffindor and is not a Slytherin no matter how much the Sorting Hat says he will do great in Slytherin. Harry is doing great in Gryffindor and that is what matter.

Overall I love this series and that is all or round one of my Chamber of Secrets review. Next time I reread this book will probably add to this review.

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